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Meet our incoming PhD students: Autumn 2023

We caught up with some incoming students to ask about their backgrounds and what brings them to MS&E.

Management Science and Engineering is excited to welcome all of our incoming students as we begin the academic year!

As they arrived on campus, we had the pleasure of meeting some of our vibrant, diverse, and talented 2023 PhD cohort. Their research touches on MS&E's four research themes: AI & data science, computational social science, the future of organizing, and impacting policy decisions (read more about the themes in our Newsletter). The students bring expertise and an interdisciplinary spirit from a variety of fields, such as financial engineering, operations research, responsible engineering, computer science, decision analysis, and more.

Get to know some of our newest PhD students below:

Kiana Asgari

Hometown: Iran
Alma Mater: Sharif University of Technology

Kiana hopes to encourage women in computation to pursue their dreams in academia.

Get to know Kiana

Yupeng Chen

Hometown: Beijing, China
Alma mater: University of California, Los Angeles

Yupeng aspires to improve the quality of healthcare delivery with computational models.

Get to know Yupeng

Andrew Couch

Hometown: Huntsville, Alabama
Almae matres: University of Alabama in Huntsville; Thomas Edison State University

Andrew is motivated by using research to advance society and help everyday individuals.

Get to know Andrew

Andrei Graur

Hometown: Constanta, Romania
Alma mater: Princeton University

Andrei looks forward to gaining a deep understanding of state-of-the-art optimization methods and designing new algorithmic tools for both academia and industry.

Get to know Andrei

I-han Lai

Hometown: Shanghai, China
Alma mater: Tsinghua University

I-han hopes to develop novel methods that use chaotic data to solve real-world challenges and improve social welfare.

Get to know I-han

Brian Lattimore

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Almae matres: Northern Illinois University; University of California, San Diego

Brian aspires to help organizations foster equitable access to opportunities and resources while they adapt to a constantly evolving technological landscape.

Get to know Brian

Yingxi Li

Hometown: Beijing, China
Alma mater: Cornell University

Yingxi's interest lies in learning faster solvers for large-scaled combinatorial optimization problems and constrained optimization.

Get to know Yingxi

Yuewei Ling

Hometown: Hangzhou, China
Alma mater: Sichuan University

Yuewei plans to utilize modeling to refine policy design and ultimately help health care systems adapt to the many challenges they face.

Get to know Yuewei

Hao Liu

Hometown: Qingdao, China
Alma mater: Brown University

Hao hopes to utilize probabilistic and statistical techniques to solve challenges in machine learning, control theory, simulations, and finance.

Get to know Hao

Miao Lu

Hometown: Yangzhou, China
Alma mater: University of Science and Technology of China

Miao's goal is to address real-world challenges by exploring and innovating on modern statistics and machine learning methods for data-driven decision making.

Get to know Miao

Alec Madayan

Hometown: Paris, France
Almae matres: Université Paris Dauphine; University of California, Berkeley

Alec wants to develop statistical models to improve the credit risk assessment of companies and consumers.

Get to know Alec

Ivan-Aleksandar Mavrov

Hometown: Sofia, Bulgaria
Alma mater: Duke University

Ivan-Aleksandar's research path aims to uplift the living standard in society through the advancement of computational and game theoretical methods.

Get to know Ivan-Aleksandar

Anushka Murthy

Hometown: Okemos, Michigan
Alma mater: Columbia University

Anushka hopes to use tools from applied probability, algorithms, and data science to reduce bias and make resource allocation more efficient in online marketplaces.

Get to know Anushka

Devesh Narayanan

Hometown: Pune, India
Alma mater: National University of Singapore

Devesh aims to illuminate pathways for moving us towards desirable futures of work through his research.

Get to know Devesh

Orrie B. Page

Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Alma mater: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Orrie looks forward to continuing to build upon his skills as a scientist while being open to various research paths.

Get to know Orrie

Shayan Talaei

Hometown: Iran
Alma Mater: Sharif University of Technology

Shayan is excited to unlock the full potential of AI in real-world applications.

Get to know Shayan

Jiyuan Tan

Hometown: Guangzhou, China
Alma mater: Fudan University

Jiyuan's research focuses on developing both theoretically sound and efficient machine learning algorithms to address real-world challenges.

Get to know Jiyuan

Sean Tsung

Hometown: Hong Kong
Alma mater: University of California, Berkeley

Sean hopes to make a tangible impact on healthcare by applying machine learning, optimization, and analytics methodologies.

Get to know Sean

Rose Wang

Hometown: Hangzhou, China
Alma mater: London School of Economics and Politics

Rose aims to leverage her interdisciplinary skill set to innovate in the fields of asset pricing, risk management, and the study of human behavior in market dynamics.

Get to know Rose

Wenqian Xing

Hometown: Shanghai, China
Almae matres: Columbia University; Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Wenqian looks forward to designing novel algorithms in optimization research and bridging the gap between theoretical optimization and practical problem-solving in the real world.

Get to know Wenqian

Mingwei Yang

Hometown: Dongguan, China
Alma mater: Peking University

Mingwei hopes to enhance our understanding of numerous mathematically fundamental problems via theoretical tools in computer science and, ultimately, contribute to a higher efficiency in society.

Get to know Mingwei

Erica Zhang

Hometown: Guangzhou, China
Alma mater: Columbia College, Columbia University

Erica is interested in developing and leveraging model-free statistical tools to creatively "mine" latent structures amongst noise and uncertainty in various applied fields and design implementable solutions for improvements.

Get to know Erica