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Alum Stories & Voices

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After graduating from Stanford, MS&E alums have entered career fields ranging from analytics, operations and supply chain to engineering and technology. Read more about our grads below.

MS 2018

Jacob Choi

"There are moments at Stanford that you have faith, if only for a split second, that you might be capable of greatness in your career instead of the mundane."

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PhD 2022

Laura Taylor-Kale

A successful career in foreign policy and economic diplomacy and a desire to study organizational behavior brought Laura Taylor-Kale (pronounced KAH-Lay) to MS&E.

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Claire Yang
MS 2017

Claire Yang

“The things that have enabled me to be successful in my career are having a statistics and math background, and also having data intuition—basically a sense of how to approach a problem."

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Alexander Ioannidis
MS 2018

Alexander Ioannidis

"I’ve always been interested in human health as an engineering problem. My focus now is working on algorithms and models that use a person’s genome to predict their disease risk and the individual treatments doctors should consider in their health care."

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BS 1990, MS 1992

Le Roy Davis

"I chose MS&E primarily because it allowed me to marry my passion for finance, economics, decision analysis, statistics, and optimization within one program. I found that the program provides an analytical framework that allows you to make strong, well informed decisions even when perfect information isn't available."

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Portrait of Julie Choi
MS 2006

Julie Choi

"What has helped me become successful in my career is the ability to deeply connect with the people that I work with. I view the person across the table is the most important person in my career at that moment. Success is about all of us working together to achieve something more significant than we could individually."

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Portrait of Tyreke White
MS 2018

Tyreke White

"I have always been good at collaborating with others, which is another thing that I developed during graduate school. For instance, let's say you've come into a meeting—being able to put everything aside to hear and understand what everyone in the room is saying, and taking all those pieces and bringing them together in the process of making a decision, are important skills to possess."

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Portrait of David Medina
BS 2009

David Medina

"One thing that set me apart in life was learning how to interact with people who could be my mentors and essentially learning how to reach out and grab the mentorship and resources I needed to succeed."

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Portrait of Garry Choy
MS 2000

Garry Choy

"Being an MS&E alum means that I'm practicing what I've learned in the intersection of multiple disciplines, such as medicine, engineering, and business. When I look back, MS&E ties a lot of my previous educational and training experiences and career opportunities together."

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Photo of Alexis Weill
MS 2016

Alexis Weill

"Being an MS&E alum provides an individual the ability to think with a multidisciplinary perspective, which helps in adapting to many situations and learning new skills quickly over time."

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Portrait of Thomas Igeme
BS 2010

Thomas Igeme

"For me, being an MS&E alum means taking old concepts and trying to look for new places to apply them, or to search for old problems to apply new frameworks to."

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Portrait of Joy Sim
MS 2014

Joy Sim

"When you say MS&E alum, I think of it with pride. It means that I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from being part of the MS&E program here at Stanford. And now that I’m an alum, I should try to give back in some way."

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Photo of Jack Mulder
BS 1997

Jack Mulder

This video spotlight showcases Jack Mulder, who shares his experience in MS&E, staying connected, and his advice for students.

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Peter Haas lectures at the front of a classroom.
PhD 1987

Peter Haas

Peter Haas has led a storied career that is deeply intertwined with Stanford, both as a former student and as Adjunct Professor in MS&E.

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Portrait of Joyce Dickerson
BS 1986

Joyce Dickerson

"#IAmAnEngineer and I believe engineering is all about innovation. It’s ‘what if’ anything."

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Photo of Thomas Palomares
MS 2017

Thomas Palomares

Thomas is an AI engineer with a fervid desire to make agriculture sustainable. He co-founded, a company that is building autonomous products for farming to automate farming tasks and avoid the use of pesticides on farms.

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Portrait of Billy Hwan
BS 2001

Billy Hwan

"#IAmAnEngineer. Studying engineering taught me to be structured in my thought, to be disciplined, and to look for alternative solutions to existing problems."

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Portrait of Laura Marino
MS 1998

Laura Marino

"#IAmAnEngineer, and I believe engineering gives you the foundation to pursue your passion and add value to the world on any path you choose."

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Portrait of Clarissa Wong
MS 2013

Clarissa Wong

"#IAmAnEngineer. To me, engineering is about translating great ideas and designs into real deliverable physical goods that can improve people’s lives."

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Portrait of Daniel Lopez
MS 2009

Daniel Lopez

"#IAmAnEngineer, and I want to be fearless in being the best person that I can be, and providing the best quality information to people that enable us to make better decisions."

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Portrait of Tony Martinez
BS 1986

Tony Martinez

“#IAmAnEngineer who believes that the engineers who remember the people they are designing for, and the people on their team, develop better products.”

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