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Student Spotlight: Andrew Couch

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September 26, 2023

Meet Andrew Couch, an incoming PhD student in MS&E.

Huntsville, Alabama

Huntsville, Alabama

University of Alabama in Huntsville
Thomas Edison State University

MS in Industrial and Systems Engineering (Statistics)
BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering
BS in Business Administration

AI & Data Science
The Future of Organizing

Academic and work experience

Prior to Stanford, I conducted research in various domains to enhance existing bodies of knowledge for decision-making, risk, and strategy for organizations using a confluence of statistical, simulation, and analytical methods. I recently began my three-year tenure as an Engineering Research Fellow at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. During my Bachelors and Masters degrees in engineering, I pursued topics in probability theory, simulation, management theories, and risk modeling. Concurrently with my studies and research, I worked in industry to help develop continental-range hypersonic missiles. Prior to my studies in engineering, I studied management and graduated with a Bachelors degree at the age of 17.

Impact I hope to have in my field and the world

I am motivated by the understanding that research exists for the purpose of advancing society and helping everyday individuals. I see abundant opportunity to build a better tomorrow through the tools available in our modern era. As such, I seek to enact impactful change to advance society through expanding upon my prior research contributions in decision-making, simulation, statistics, strategy, and risk modeling while also exploring new directions. Clarity among these critical areas is the pathway to eliminating inefficient practices in decision processes for engineered systems and organizations. I believe that advancement within these domains is the most direct gateway towards a more economically prosperous society.

Interests and hobbies

I enjoy playing tennis and watching sports such as hockey, football, and soccer! Also, I really like studying the stock market and would probably be a day trader if I weren't risk-adverse by nature. Movie nights, board games, and biking are also fun activities!

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