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Graduate Financial Aid

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Funding opportunities for graduate students include fellowships, research assistantships, training grants, and teaching or course assistantships.


Stanford Fellowships:

MS&E offers a limited number of fellowships restricted to first-year MS&E doctoral students, with priority given to those new to Stanford. These fellowships are not available to students admitted to the MS&E Master of Science program. It is not necessary to apply for these fellowships. All doctoral applicants indicating a desire to be considered for financial aid are considered for the fellowships.

VPGE Doctoral Fellowships
Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program

GAP 7.2 policy on fellowships and other stipend support.
Tax Information for information on tax treaties and taxation of fellowships.

Outside Funding
We encourage students to apply for nationally competitive fellowships and other outside funding.

Course and research assistantships

The Management Science and Engineering Department offers a limited number of course and research assistantships. Priority for assistantships goes to continuing MS&E doctoral students. New students and students enrolled in other departments are unlikely to receive MS&E assistantships, and should seek other funding opportunities.

Course Assistantship
Current students may apply for course assistantships online at the Student Forms page.

Research Assistantship
Current students may contact faculty members directly regarding the possibility of research assistantships.

Policy & Resources
- Students appointed as CAs, RAs or graders must have a Social Security number and completed I-9 paperwork. Please see Payroll for Employees and Tax Information for additional information.

- International students hired as TA/CAs must be screened by English for Foreign Students (EFS) for readiness to use English in a teaching role. Please see the EFS website for detailed information and requirements.

- We seldom hire hourly graders for our courses, preferring to support students on course assistantships whenever possible. If we do hire a grader, it will be after the first week of the quarter, and an email will be sent to students if we need applications.

Learning Technology and Spaces - to help facilitate exceptional teaching and learning.

- Please see GAP 7.3 for Stanford policy on assistantships.

Estimated cost of program

The Stanford University Office of Graduate Admissions provides more information about financing graduate study and an estimated expense budget.

For 2021-2022, the estimated cost of living expenses for graduate students is $12,932 per quarter.

Most of our graduate students choose to complete the degree in five quarters, taking 8-10 units per quarter.
$12,540 per quarter: Tuition cost for 8-10 units
$127,355: Estimated total cost (tuition and living expenses) for five quarters of graduate study

Some of our graduate students choose to complete the degree in three quarters, taking 15 units per quarter.
$19,287 per quarter: Tuition cost for 11-18 units
$96,657: Estimated total cost (tuition and living expenses) for three quarters of graduate study