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Research Centers, Groups, and Labs

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MS&E is home to the following research centers, groups, and labs:

A man looks at financial graphs

Advanced Financial Technologies Laboratory (AFTLab)

The Advanced Financial Technologies Laboratory at Stanford University pioneers financial models, statistical tools, computational algorithms, and software to address the challenges that arise in this context. Faculty and doctoral students of AFT combine expertise in core areas such as stochastics, optimization, data science, and networks and algorithms with a deep understanding of financial markets and institutions to make fundamental advances of broad relevance.

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Graphic depicting many individuals positioned along points on a decision tree.

Decision And Risk Analysis (DARA)

Research within this group includes a strong focus on practical implementation of decision analysis concepts and interface with industry and other fields. Recent research also includes development of a philosophical understanding about what constitutes a good decision, and how to reach one.

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World map of energy usage at night

Energy Modeling Forum

The Energy Modeling Forum (EMF) seeks to improve the use of energy and environmental policy models for making important corporate and government decisions.

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Aerial photo of the Stanford main quad as seen from Palm Drive

Operations Research @Stanford

Operations Research @Stanford develops mathematical tools for addressing important problems such as communication network management, statistical learning, supply-chain management, pricing and revenue management, financial engineering, market design, bio-informatics, production scheduling, energy and environmental policy, and transportation.

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Graphic depicting all of the connections present in the modern internet

Society & Algorithms Lab @Stanford (SOAL)

The Society & Algorithms Lab (SOAL) combines computer science and algorithms with social science and economics in response to two recent trends: the rise of more powerful information technology and algorithms, and an increase in networked social and economic interactions.

SOAL also hosts the RAIN seminar (Research on Algorithms and Incentives in Networks) to provide a forum for talks and social discussion in the area of complex networks made of both machines and people, such as the internet.

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Graphic depicting ideas and machines

STVP: The Stanford Engineering Entrepreneurship Center

The Stanford Engineering Entrepreneurship Center empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to become global citizens who create and scale responsible innovations.

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Logo for the SURF Stanford Medicine research group

Healthcare Engineering (SURF)

Systems Utilization Research For Stanford Medicine (SURF Stanford Medicine) facilitates the delivery of world class advances in medical care through world class advances in hospital operations.

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Graphic depicting interconnected ideas

Center for Work, Technology and Organization (WTO)

The Center for Work, Technology and Organization (WTO) specializes in basic and applied research on how work is changing and on designing more effective organizations and technologies.

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