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Management Science and Engineering provides programs of education and research by integrating three basic strengths:

  • Depth in conceptual and analytical foundations;
  • Comprehensive coverage of functional areas of application; and
  • Interaction with other Stanford departments, Silicon Valley industry, and organizations throughout the world telecommunications.

Graduate Programs


The PhD degree in MS&E is intended for students primarily interested in a career of research and teaching, or high-level technical work in universities, industry, or government.


The master's degree is designed to be a terminal degree program with a professional focus.

See below for remote and part-time options.

Coterminal BA/BS and MS

This program allows undergraduates an opportunity to work simultaneously toward a BS in MS&E or another quantitative major, and an MS in MS&E. Registrar's Coterminal site.

Remote or Part-Time MS

Pursue a Stanford University Master of Science degree on a remote or part-time basis through the Honors Cooperative Program (HCP).

Dual & Joint Degree

The dual and joint degree programs enable graduate students to obtain two degrees either concurrently or consecutively. Students must apply and be admitted to each degree separately.

PhD Minor

Students pursuing a PhD in another department may choose to also complete the requirements for a PhD minor in Management Science and Engineering.

The analytical and conceptual foundations of an MS&E degree include:

  • decision and risk analysis
  • dynamic systems
  • economics
  • optimization
  • organizational science
  • stochastic systems

The functional areas of application include:

  • entrepreneurship
  • finance
  • information
  • marketing
  • organizational behavior
  • policy & strategy
  • production

Close associations with other engineering departments and with industry enrich the programs by providing opportunities to apply MS&E methods to important problems and by motivating new theoretical developments from practical experience. MS&E’s programs also provide a basis for contributing to other areas such as biotechnology, defense policy, environmental policy, information systems, and telecommunications.

We invite excellent students from all backgrounds, including those from historically underrepresented groups in engineering, to consider Stanford University for their graduate studies. In making admissions decisions, the Department of Management Science and Engineering will comply with the requirements of the law as determined by the Supreme Court of the United States, evaluating each applicant based on their "experiences as an individual—not on the basis of race.” We continue to value a diverse student body that benefits the educational experience of our students and our mission of generating knowledge at Stanford University.  

Portrait of Tyreke White

Student Stories

“Being able to choose between a wide array of courses from accounting to machine learning is one of the hallmarks of this program that I would have missed out on if I'd chosen another program.”  

- Tyreke White, MS graduate


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