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Meet the Student Services Team

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Lori Cottle, Lindsey Akin, and Patty De Luca
Left to right: Lori Cottle, Lindsey Akin, and Patty De Luca.

The Student Services team is dedicated to helping all MS&E students find information and advisement to reach their academic and career goals.

In addition, the team also ensures the success of MS&E faculty with course-related matters. The team is led by Lori Cottle, Student Services Manager, and includes Lindsey Akin, Student Services Officer and Patty DeLuca, Student Services Coordinator.

"[Due to COVID-19], we had to adapt some of our processes, as it is even more essential in this pandemic and imperative to keep the lines of communication open now more than ever before. I think our core values of care and advocacy for our students, awareness of faculty needs, and strong collaboration and a culture of flexibility and understanding within our team really helped us adapt well. We definitely miss seeing everyone!"
 – Lindsey Akin