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Meet our New PhD Students

Meet our New PhD Students

September 25, 2020

As we begin the virtual school year, the Department of Management Science and Engineering would like to give a warm welcome to our newest cohort of PhD students!

We caught up with several of our incoming PhD students below.

new student collage

Meet Mohak Goyal

"I would like to contribute to society by developing algorithms that make the world more just and efficient. I would also like to help enhance the understanding of how data can be used effectively to make better decisions."

Get to know Mohak

Meet Grace Guan

"I hope to narrow down on an area and methodology where I can have impact in changing health systems to become more efficient."

Get to know Grace

Meet Ravi B. Sojitra

"It would be fulfilling to solve problems that hold people back from living the lives they want to live—influencing policy decisions, designing new interventions, building new methods or tools, and improving social norms."

Get to know Ravi

Meet Shengbo Wang

"With my inclination and curiosity toward research in the field of applied probability, I hope my research can provide new insights into either theory or application."

Get to know Shengbo

Meet Junting Duan

"I hope to work on research which can provide people in different areas with useful methods to pursue a more efficient and better life."

Get to know Junting

Meet Fernando Rodriguez Silva Santisteban

"I hope to contribute to improved decision-making in the social sector by quantifying the uncertainty inherent to projects and maximizing impact based on an analytical framework."

Get to know Fernando

Meet Tristan Pollner

"From ad-auctions to rideshare apps to kidney exchange, I hope to improve our understanding of what mathematical guarantees can be achieved in these algorithmic settings, to generate practical insights that can improve the experience of the participants."

Get to know Tristan

Meet Wajeeha Ahmad

"I am interested in examining the role of digital platforms in enabling entrepreneurship and creating shared prosperity."

Get to know Wajeeha

Meet Zhihao Jiang

"I would like to contribute to the theory of management science as I hope the theory can be applied well in the real world."

Get to know Zhihao

Meet Yuchen Hu

"I hope to combine statistical theories with computation and field knowledge, and therefore help with people’s better command of real-world data."

Get to know Yuchen

Meet Sirui Lin

"I would like to explore some new interdisciplinary fields and do some interesting research."

Get to know Sirui

Meet Mohammad Roghani

"The most important impact that is on my mind is to use my knowledge in computer science to model and solve real-world issues."

Get to know Mohammad