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Los Angeles Clippers: The Wall

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Team members
(Pictured left to right): Jack Clark, Uzoma Edoh, Katelin Gildersleeve, Sam Kritzer

Faculty mentor
Prof. Elisabeth Paté-Cornell

Sponsor organization
The Los Angeles Clippers are a team in the National Basketball Association, the premier professional basketball league in the world.

Project description

The Clippers are opening a new state-of-the-art arena, the Intuit Dome, in Inglewood, California. One quarter of the arena, beginning at the baseline behind one of the basketball hoops, is what will be known as "The Wall of Sound," or The Wall, for short. The Wall is meant to be a special Clippers-fan-only area where real, energetic, basketball fans will sit. The Clippers wanted us to research the potential for a fan verification process where they can identify if someone truly is a fan of the Clippers. They also were interested in where to find these fans, both physically and on the internet. Finally, the Clippers were interested in a ticket sales model.

Techniques and solutions

We utilized comparative research, qualitative fan interviews, internal team data analysis within Excel, and interviews with people within the organization, including the head of Game Presentation and head of Data Analytics. Additionally, we had planned for a quantitative survey, but upon direction from the Clippers, pivoted to rely more on internal data and comparative research.

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