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Empowering youth as changemakers

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Team members
(Pictured left to right): Sahil Chandra, Engu Fontama, Michael Massey, Janae Young

Faculty mentor
Prof. Irene Lo

Sponsor organization
Vocal Justice is an education-focused nonprofit that provides students around the country with training on advocacy and activism work. Their core mission is to empower proximate youth to become skilled changemakers.

Project description

Utilizing data analysis, we aimed to support Vocal Justice with its efforts to engage investors, develop effective curriculum, and measure student self-efficacy, activism orientation, knowledge, and external connection. To assist with future analysis, we developed templates that Vocal Justice can utilize to replicate our analysis with future data.

Techniques and solutions

We performed qualitative analysis of student and teacher feedback, utilized a paired T-test for comparative analysis, and calculated the mean score for curriculum lessons. Additionally, we developed a Python model utilizing the Pandas and Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) packages as support for running natural language processing (NLP) analysis.

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