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A look into the future of nuclear medicine: ARTMS’ isotope production pipeline

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Photos of the ARTMS senior project team during their presentation on Zoom

Team members

Andrew Bitner, Maria Cecilia Marques, Brennan Pastorek, Valerie Przekop, Michael Wilson

The organization

ARTMS Inc., a nuclear medicine technology company, is the global leader in the development of novel technologies and products for enabling the cyclotron production of the world’s most-used diagnostic imaging isotopes.

ARTMS logo

Project description

The goal of this senior project is to assist ARTMS Inc. in populating a production pipeline for certain radioisotopes that have increasing demand in the nuclear medicine industry. Because ARTMS has limited resources with which to produce isotopes, they need to be able to predict which isotopes will be in demand, and then begin production of those isotopes at the right time to meet that demand.

Solutions, methods and models used

To provide a data-driven recommendation and equip ARTMS with the knowledge needed for production decision-making in the long term, we built an interactive, user friendly web application in R that contains the following features:

  • Data Dashboard: Highlights trends of United States cancer prevalence, isotope usage in ongoing clinical trials, registration and completion of clinical trials, timing of potential patient demand, and top sponsors/collaborators of clinical trials.
  • Customizable Demand Simulation: Uses CDC cancer prevalence data and NIH clinical trials data to model drug approval and corresponding demand.
  • Production Gantt Chart: Uses ARTMS data and a preferred completion date to populate a calendarized chart demonstrating date at which the production processes for a given isotope must begin.
  • Total Cost Analysis: Estimates the total production costs of each isotope over time.
  • Database: Searchable, miniature database of all clinical trials data used in our analysis.
  • Glossary: Contains the definitions of relevant terms.

Methods and models used

  • Statistical analysis, modeling, and programming
  • Financial analysis and modeling
  • Probabilistic analysis
  • Production analysis
  • Strategic planning

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