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Scaling DubClub: Recommendations for efficiency in lead generation

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Team members
(Pictured left to right): Jessica Layne, Liana McDonnell, Caroline Mondiello, Kara Rahaim

Faculty mentor
Prof. Elisabeth Paté-Cornell

Sponsor organization
DubClub is a sports betting platform that simplifies sports handicapping. DubClub connects highly skilled betters, called "handicappers," to subscribers who are looking for betting advice. The platform makes it easy for handicappers to grow their business and communicate plays to their subscribers.

Project description

Our project was a three phase plan—consisting of sourcing, solicitation, and analysis—that ultimately provided DubClub with data-backed suggestions to improve their current lead-generation process. Additionally, we provided DubClub with a dataset of potential handicappers that can be added to the DubClub network. Our dataset and recommendations will allow DubClub to enter this growing market faster than its competitors.

Techniques and solutions

Our team sourced cappers from various social media sites and contacted them through a standardized outreach method. We then combined the observational data from the sourcing stage with our results from the outreach stage and performed data analysis and visualization in Tableau.

2023 senior projects