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Maximizing social impact with

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Portrait photos of four students

Team members
Simrin Kalkat, Joanne Lim, Jasmine Rodríguez, Katie Smythe

Faculty mentor
Prof. Markus Pelger

The organization
The Fit Kids Foundation is a nonprofit entity that provides youth-focused fitness videos to local organizations.

fit kids dot TV logo

Project description

The goal of our project was to help the Fit Kids Foundation’s efforts to bring, their fitness video platform, to market. These videos were produced during the COVID-19 pandemic to support the nonprofit’s partner schools and organizations, and Fit Kids is now looking to sell subscriptions to these videos as an auxiliary revenue stream.’s success would generate income to support their mission of providing fitness programming to underserved communities. To determine the most effective way to bring to market, we needed to identify a target market, and then determine more specific strategies to sell to this market.


With the ultimate goal of helping Fit Kids maximize revenue streams with, we identified strategies for to target an optimal segment of the market. To do so, we researched direct competitors of the platform and evaluated the potential of three markets. After identifying the private school market as the best choice for to penetrate, we conducted interviews and qualitative research which informed our recommendation of a free trial subscription-based pricing model and cause marketing strategy to capture this market.

Techniques used

To determine Fit Kids’ target market, we performed quantitative market sizing and qualitative competitive analyses. We then conducted interviews with private school representatives and additional research to inform our final recommendations. 

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