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3Strands to fight human trafficking

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group of four students posing outdoors

Team members
Anna Harmeling, James Juma, Riley Loos, Brody Malone

Faculty mentor
Prof. James Sweeney

The organization
3Strands Global Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit that aims to create a world free from human trafficking. The organization has 3 programs or strands: Education, Employment and Engagement.

3 strands global foundation logo

Project description

We created a dashboard to showcase 3Strands Global Foundation’s impact in fighting human trafficking since its inception. We used data to show program features, growth, and projections for the organization. The dashboard framework was modeled on 3Strands’s current impact reports but with comparisons over time, as well as program- and site-specific representations. The dashboard will be used internally—mainly with coordinating agencies, project partners, and funders—but can be easily modified for other external audiences. Ultimately, this is a resource that the organization can use to analyze capacity and capability, base future goals on, and use to showcase their impact. 

Techniques and solutions

3Strands shared their programming data with us, which we cleaned and converted into a file that can be easily added to in the future. We then connected this file into Tableau, a data visualization software. Within Tableau, we were able to create visualizations of the data and build it into dashboards highlighting each program. This was built from scratch, then was modified through feedback from 3Strands.

2022 senior projects