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PeaceTech Lab around the world business plan

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Photos of the Peace Tech Lab senior project team

Team members

Chloe Lee, Aron Nunez, Nicole Woo, Marine Yamada

The organization

PeaceTech Lab works to reduce violent conflict using tech, media, and data to accelerate and scale peacebuilding efforts.

Peace Tech Lab logo

Project description

The goal of this senior project is to guide PeaceTech Lab's global expansion with regards to organizational structure, funding, revenue models, resource allocation, and service and program offerings. PeaceTech Lab’s vision is to have a global network of sustainable Labs powered by locally driven peacebuilders who leverage technology and an entrepreneurial mindset to prevent and resolve conflict.

Solutions and methods used

In order to both better understand the peacebuilding landscape across non-profit organizations, 14 interviews were conducted with peacebuilding and nonprofit experts, from executive directors of similar organizations to internal PeaceTech Lab headquarter staff. After completing the interviews, key takeaways and strategies were supplemented with past literature on peacebuilding strategies, reports published by peer organizations, and sources from PTL themselves to better inform our understanding of their current operational strategies.


Key business models such as the franchise, umbrella, and members models for PTL's consideration were identified and evaluated. For launch, a pilot program at 2-3 locations was designed where their network is strong to ensure appropriate feedback such as South Sudan and Nigeria. To guide the launch of the pilot program, a four-phased timeline and a standardized HQ structure that allows for global communication across labs and leadership structures were created. This plan allows for collaboration, buy-in, and location-specific synergies by pooling resources.

Lastly, key performance indicators and a withdrawal strategy were developed to guide decision making when labs achieve a sustained level of peace in the region or fail to meet expectations over a set period.

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