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Avodaas strategy refresh

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Photos of the Avodaas senior project team

Team members

Farouk Grissom, Will Pittock, Daniel Rodriguez, Taylor Wright

The organization

Avodaas is an early-stage startup founded in 2020 based in Israel. They are a saas business whose services include consulting for revenue operations and integration between business systems.

Avodaas logo

Project description

The goal of this senior project is to determine how Avodaas can be profitable in the near-term and scale in the long-term.

Tools and methodologies used

  • Held interviews with engineers.
  • Reviewed previous statements of work.
  • Received weekly updates from CEO and CFO.
  • Reviewed Freshbooks time entries.


  • Comprised a thorough list of recommendations.
  • Built a comprehensive AirTable with RevOps toolkits.
  • Developed HR recommendations for short and long-term scale.


  • Restructure the sales process and utilize the RevOps toolkit internally and externally as a strategic consultant tool and lead generator. Bill for service for technical implementation; bill by the hour on the strategic advising side.
  • Build for repeatability by building an internal wiki that houses proprietary technical information. Create a database of playbooks and packages to increase repeatability. Continue to look for and develop products, starting with KPIs and dashboards.
  • Focus on marketing by highlighting Avodaas three points: deep expertise in strategy and ops, a combination of strategy and implementation, and a potential for long-term partnership.
  • Increase technical expertise by expanding new operational sections in the following order: Product Data and Project Management, Billing/Accounting/Subscription Management, and Payroll/HR.
  • Avoid human capital bottlenecks by changing the organizational structure and shuffle employee responsibilities to eliminate bottlenecks as the company scales.

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