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A Strategic Approach to User Acquisition & Engagement of University Students

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Four students from the college career network senior project group pose for a photo

Team Members
Grace Isford, Lakshmi Prakash, Sarah Stebbins, Dana Tung

Faculty Mentor
Riitta Katila

The Client: A university-level platform that digitizes the career center to connect students to jobs (company name omitted by request)

The Problem to Solve

The client wants to increase user acquisition by developing a strategy to properly target, acquire, and integrate new users with the existing platforms of career centers and employers.

Engineering a Solution

Tools and Methodologies

The team needed to understand the market, identify target users, and develop a go-to-market strategy for the client. To do so, they used the following methodologies:

  • Competitive analysis: Industry interviews and business model analysis.
  • University student survey: Sent to 117 responses and 24 schools to target new universities and their students.
  • Data analysis and modeling: The team utilized a Flash Team and used regression and predictive models to identify target students.
  • Expert interviews: With professors, career centers, and students

Recommendations and Deliverables

  • Target schools with the highest predicted active student population.
  • Acquire users through the university personas decision tree created by the team.
  • Track and measure success using activation rates.

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