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The Pando Pitch

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Four members of the Pando senior project team pose for a photo

Team Members
Zachary Grech, Chris Adusei-Poku, Ben Baggett, and Jack Little

Faculty Mentor
Melissa Valentine

Pando logo

The Client: Pando

Pando Pooling creates small groups of athletes who commit a portion of their future earnings towards a sort of group income insurance package with each other. That package is called a “pool,” with players owning a share and contributing more as they earn larger contracts.

The Problem to Solve

How can Pando convince athletes that joining a pool will be financially beneficial for them?

Engineering a Solution

Tools and Methodologies

  • Market research to understand the thought process of college baseball players.
  • Survey a network of teammates and competitors.

Recommendations and Deliverables

  • Group players into conference-based pools: This will be seen by players as a better investment opportunity because they are grouped with their peers.
  • Conference pools are a better option then collegiate pools, which are more difficult to get players to buy into.
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