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Go-to-Market Strategy for a Healthcare Optimization Software Suite

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Four members of the healthcare optimization senior project group pose for a photo

Team Members
Jennifer Bae, Rion Ramirez, Andrew Ekmark, Qin En Looi

Faculty Mentor
Sam Chiu

The Client: A developer of a suite of applications that provide real-time data to hospitals and clinics in order to optimize staffing and supply chain (company name omitted by request)

The Problem to Solve

The client wants to develop a pricing strategy and acquire new users in the smaller clinic market.

Engineering a Solution

Recommendations and Deliverables

After conducting 11 interviews with small clinics across the nation, the team provided the following recommendations:

  • Target small-clinic segments (<10 doctors).
  • Focus more on an inventory management solution, and less communications.
  • Execute this strategy through Electronic Health Record System (EHR) partnerships.

The team then launched the first pilot partnership between the client and an EHR vendor, and in doing so they discovered the following benefits:

  • Increased ability to navigate a fragmented market.
  • Streamlined product development.
  • Increased ability to overcome price sensitivity with customers.

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