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Game Prophet

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Five members of the Game Prophet senior project team pose for a photo

Team Members
Danny Pantuso, Nathan Linklater, Mikayla Edwards, Neville Muringayi, Daniel Parra Garcia

Faculty Mentor
Sam Chiu

Game prophet logo

The Client: Game Prophet

Game Prophet is a platform that increases engagement of real-time gaming content. It run as a companion to Twitch. It is a chrome extension which users can compete in live prediction challenges.

The Problem to Solve

The team's goal was to help Game Prophet expand their user base. To tackle this, they developed a growth strategy outline by:

  • Defining a target audience
  • Establishing an incentive structure
  • Designing new methods for user aquistion and retention

Engineering a Solution

Tools and Methodologies

The team ran a series of 4 tests with gamer communities to access data and insights. Through those tests, they discovered:

  • The target users to approach.
  • What incentives on game related prizes would draw users in.
  • Game Prophet can utilize current users and influencers to generate notoriety and gain new users.
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