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Enjoy Customer Appeasement Program

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Four members of the Enjoy senior project team pose for a photo

Team Members
Sierra Kersten, Cody Maly, Chris Meyers, Jack Walsh

Faculty Mentor
Melissa Valentine

Enjoy logo

The Client: Enjoy

Enjoy is a "mobile retail store." They partner with premier tech brands to deliver their products, teach consumers how to set them up, and use it—for free to the consumer.

The Problem to Solve

Enjoy wanted to improve their customer appeasement program and to incentivize customers to repurchase from their company. This applies to any order that the customer doesn't deem "perfect." Because Enjoy's business is delivering an experience, it is hugely important that every visit is as close to perfect as possible. They pride themselves on their 4.91/5 stars average, an already great rating, and seek to make it even better.

Engineering a Solution

Tools and Methodologies

To improve Enjoy's customer satisfaction, the team:

  • Conducted outside research on how customers respond to different types of appeasement.
  • Examined appeasement strategies of other companies.
  • Performed data analysis on customer satisfaction tickets from Enjoy.
  • Created an appeasement model.

Recommendation and Deliverables

  • A successful appeasement strategy must engage the customer with the partner brand's ecosystem.
  • The partner should be willing to pay for appeasement for a certain number of visits, because Enjoy's success is also the partner's success.

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