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Developing a Safer Tomorrow: Team NextNav

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Four members of the NextNav senior project team pose for a photo

Team Members
Thomas Fleming, Trevor Rasmussen, Daniely Perez, Jordan Ewert

Faculty Mentor
Riitta Katila

Nextnav logo

The Client: NextNav

NextNav is a location services company that provides a proprietary alternative to GPS to facilitate First Responders' emergency response time. NextNav has produced a microchip that can be inserted into mobile devices which gives a more precise location of a person in buildings and urban areas, rendering a 3D image of the person's whereabouts.

The Problem to Solve

What features should NextNav include in its new app for first responders?

Engineering a Solution

Tools and Methodologies

  • Competitive app analysis: Analyze and test existing apps, their features, and price points.
  • Interview first responders: Talk to first responders about what they would like to see in the app, and what they think of existing apps.


  • Focus on superior customer support.
  • Spend less time on bells and whistles, and more time perfecting core-mission-critical features.
  • Develop a UI that is intuitive, simple, and easily navigable.

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