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Connecting the Future: A Product Roadmap from the Internet of Things

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Four members of the Aeris senior project group pose for photos

Team Members
Christopher Lopez, Emma Hanley, Sam Laurin, Mason Smith

Faculty Mentor
Edison Tse

Aeris logo

The Client:
Aeris Communications

Aeris Communications, Inc. is an internet-of-things solutions firm that focuses on providing cellular service to physical devices.

The Problem to Solve

Aeris wanted to find emerging technologies that can be implemented in the next 1-10 years.

Engineering a Solution

Tools and Methodologies

The team explored relevant emerging technologies and discussed the intersection of the following technologies:

  • Zero Touch Provisioning: Allows remote setup, updates, and bug fixes without manual intervention.
  • Anomaly Detection: Uses machine learning algorithms to analyze data from sensors of connected devices in order to address challenges such as security threats, efficiency and product optimization, and unusual device performance.
  • Digital Twins: Creates a digital model of a real-life physical asset.
  • The intersection of technologies in the automotive insurance industry.

Recommendations and Deliverables

The team developed recommendations for the following pre-go-to-market strategy:

  • Perfect anomaly detection and zero touch provisioning.
  • Build a framework for digital twin connectivity.
  • Create a data analysis platform.
  • Target the manufacturing vertical for initial growth.
  • Grow and expand in new verticals.

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