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Behind the Lens: Partnering with the Sales Department

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Four members of the Axon senior project team pose for a photo

Team Members
Walker Ramirez, Vaiva Snapkauskait, Jasmine Doan, Thomas Nguyen

Faculty Mentor
Sam Chiu

Axon logo

The Client: Axon

Axon is an expansive technology company that delivers public safety's most trusted network of devices and apps.

The Problem to Solve

Axon wants to capture more market share for their body camera product line. They also want to streamline and automate the sales department's current workflow process in working with clients.

Engineering a Solution

Tools and Methodologies

The team conducted interviews with Axon's sales team and police departments, and defined the following objectives for those stakeholders:

  • Standardize reference material and help the sales team understand the competitor landscape in terms of products, features and prices.
  • Build an analytical tool to help both sales and the police department assess the cost associated with cloud computing vs. onsite server data storage.

Recommendations and Deliverables

The team proposed to develop an in-house Sales Tool Kit that comprises the following:

  • Competitor Pricing Tool
  • Vendor Differentiation Tool on included features
  • Data Forecaster Tool

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