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Student Spotlight: Noah Benjamin-Pollak

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September 12, 2022

Meet Noah Benjamin-Pollak
Incoming PhD student

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston College

Bachelor of Arts, Business and Communications (double major)
Master of Business Administration

Academic and work experience

Before my MBA, I worked as the Managing Editor of The National Book Review. Through my work in journalism, I became fascinated by the qualities that differentiate how organizations respond to innovation and change within their industry. I am particularly interested in the impact of technological innovation on traditional industries (e.g., journalism, art). I am thrilled to be at MS&E, where I can conduct interdisciplinary research to answer these questions.

Impact I hope to have in my field and the world

Through my research, I want to help people and businesses better understand the tools to navigate times of upheaval and technological change. However, I do not want my research to be my only contribution to the academy. I care deeply about mentorship and want to help all students, especially those from underrepresented groups, succeed in high school, college, and beyond. I have been extremely fortunate to have excellent mentors who have helped and supported my professional development, and I want to pass that on. If you have questions about pursuing a PhD or MBA, applications, research, journalism, or something else you think I could help you with, please email me.

Interests and hobbies

I love literature and read as often as possible (around 100-150 books annually). Hopefully, I can keep this up during my PhD! I am a huge Boston sports fan and love to play board games. I live with my cat, Taco, and my beloved wife, Laura.

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