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Student Spotlight: Korina Arpášová

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September 12, 2022

Meet Korina Arpášová
Incoming PhD student

Adelaide, Australia

Northern Virginia

Columbia University
Georgetown University

Master's, Quantitative Methods/Applied Statistics
Bachelor's, Liberal Arts

Academic and work experience

I am a quantitative researcher and modeler with extensive experience working in data analysis and modeling for defense and national security. My latest work focused on developing simulations, and I am interested in contributing to the following areas:

  • Bayesian networks & causal models
  • Stochastic dynamical systems
  • Integrating modeling & simulation with data science

Impact I hope to have in my field and the world

Risk and decision making under uncertainty is not new, but in the wake of the pandemic lockdowns and other preventative measures with severe negative and lasting economic and developmental effects taken by governments, our dependence on resilient and adaptable systems such as supply chains has been brought back to the forefront. One arena that is not mentioned as much but has a direct and enduring impact on our lives is the Defense Industrial Base. I am interested in developing probabilistic modeling techniques, specifically employing Bayesian network models implemented in the Stan programming language through R and Python, to improve decision making regarding the Defense Industrial Base from inception to design to budget allocation to delivery and operation.

Interests and hobbies

Movie nights and cafes with my family, classical music, philosophy, history of mathematics, travel.

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