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Historical Best Senior Projects

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Awarded for the best Senior Project presentations


1. SFMOMA Artists Gallery Client Analysis
Elena Bauer, Ashlynn Goerz, Hannah Hsieh, and Maxine Nesbitt
advised by Prof. Riitta Katila

2. The New & Improved Identifor: Improving the transition from adolescence to adulthood for individuals with autism
Niko Alino, Asad Khaliq, Parker Odrich and Spencer Savitz
advised by Prof. Ramesh Johari


1. Ziploop VIP
Matthew DeGraw, Derek Hunicke, George Fullerton, and Craig Jones
advised by Prof. Melissa Valentine

2. Optimizing Santa Clara County 911 Dispatcher Recruitment
Winfield Brown, Matthew Ferranti, Chris Johnson, and Ethan Liwanag
advised by Prof. Sam Chiu


1. Panasonic Telehealth: Understanding the future of healthcare technology
Bernardo Espinosa, Alex Gari, Govil Gupta, and Raymond Luong
advised by Prof. Riitta Katila

2. Sterling CNG: Compressed Natural Gas Made Simple
Kyle Gilbert, Katie Olsen, Kevin Reihner, and Rollins Stallworth
advised by Prof. Elisabeth Pate-Cornell


1. Department of Homeland Security, Cyber Attack on Critical Infrastructure: Optimal Power Distribution
Konstantine Buhler, Ankit Fadia, David Roos, and Julia Schottenstein
advised by Prof. Ashish Goel

2a. NASA Small Satellite Launch Vehicles
Diego Blanton, Patrick Rabuzzi, Erich Schloss, and Loren Tengan
advised by Prof. Elisabeth Pate-Cornell

2b. Hawaiian Airlines Loyalty Program
Greta Kai Anderson, Margaret "Daisy" Anderson, Amanda Loyola, and Scott Sakaida
advised by Prof. Riitta Katila


1. Surf Air: Defining a Member Allocation & Service Strategy
Arjun Aggarwal, Eric Anderson, Sam Ecker, and David Sunde
advised by Prof. Feryal Erhun

2. CardioDx: Diabetic Market Assessment for Coronary Artery Disease Diagnostics
Ana Cristina Gadala-Maria, Maya Ghosn, Misha Nasrollahzadeh, and Asli Ozyar
advised by Prof. Margaret Brandeau


1. Castlight Health Physician Practice Cost Forecasting
Oliver Friedberg, Alex Fryer, Charles Huyi, and Chris Seewald
advised by Prof. Margaret Brandeau

1. Ground Up Coffee Shop
Andrew LaForge, Wyatt Ratliff, Brian Tolkin, and Harrison Ward
advised by Dr. Sabina Alistar


1. Fueling the Wildfire: A Factors of Success Analysis
Devin Banerjee, Jeri Canlas, Stephanie Sy, and Stephanie Siow
advised by Prof. Riitta Katila

1. Western Ballet - Short and Long Term Approaches to a Financial Crisis
Phillip Klimke, Anthony Liu, Cyrus Navabi, and Luna Yang
advised by Prof. Steve Barley


1. JamBase: A Segmentation and Network Study
Lex Cooke, Andrew Strong, Diego Villarreal, and Gabriel Zambrano
advised by Prof. Steve Barley

2. Solving the Water Problem in Rural India: Demand Analysis for H20 Inc
Jeffrey Pang, Andrew Dao, Alex Dao, and Tim Lim
advised by Prof. Bob Carlson

2. Vino Verde: Initiatives for Sustainability at Pedroncelli Winery
Nico Sand, Chris LeBrett, Bobby Pinero, and Kristyn Kelley
advised by Prof. Bob Carlson


1. San Mateo Medical Center: Improving Productivity and Patient Throughput
Mark Albers, Sally Chang, Yesul Myung, and Vivian Wang
advised by Prof. Diane Bailey

2. Gallery of Northern California Artists: Increasing Revenue & Making Art More Accessible
Bernadette Cay, Matt Kim, and Tyler Parker
advised by Prof. Ross Shachter

3. Luna Vineyards
John Adams, Arielle Craig, Kevin Richards, and Gustavo Vanderput-Abranches
advised by Prof. Warren Hausman


1. 5-SURE Service Analysis
Ryan Akkina, Brett Hofer, Jeffrey Sefa-Boakye, and Eric Frenkiel
advised by Prof. Edison Tse

1. Climos Modeling System
Rahil S. Kacheria. Drew Bennett, Dong Wook Kim, and Benjamin Tsang
advised by Prof. Sig Hecker

3. Lana Unlimited: Risk Management in the Jewelry Industry
Alina Lantsberg, Neil Joglekar, and Chris Hain
advised by Dr. Russ Garber

3. Equal Access Nepal: Appraising Effects of Entertainment
Danny Arbeiter, Emi Manuia, John Wear, and Josh Zloof.
advised by Dr. Russ Garber

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