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2019 senior projects

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Browse senior projects by their sponsor organization below:

Aeris logo

Aeris Communications

The team helped Aeris identify emerging technologies that the firm could implement in a 1-10 year timeframe.

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Alkanza logo


The team developed models to help Alkanza retain customers, particularly those with subscriptions to more than one of Alkanza's products.

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Axon logo


The team worked with Axon's sales department to streamline and automate their sales process as Axon moves to increase market share for its body camera product line.

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Bugcrowd logo


The team helped Bugcrowd gain a better understanding of their sales conversion rate and the flow of leads in their sales pipeline as a result of their lead-generation efforts.

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Logo that reads "college career network"
Organization name omitted by request

College Career Network

The team helped their client develop a strategy to increase user acquisition.

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Doordash logo


The team partnered with DoorDash's data science team to help improve how they experiment with an algorithm that assigns drivers to deliveries.

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Enjoy logo


The team partnered with Enjoy to improve their customer appeasement program and to incentivize customers to make additional purchases.

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Figure logo

Figure Technologies

The team examined HomeAdvantage, Figure Technologies' reverse mortgage alternative product, to analyze its growth rate and potential.

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Floodgate logo

Floodgate Fund

The team worked with Floodgate increase their accessibility to talented entrepreneurs who might not have access to social networks that can connect them with funding partners.

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Game prophet logo

Game Prophet

The team partnered with Game Prophet to identify means of expanding their user base.

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Logo that reads "healthcare optimization"
Organization name omitted by request

Healthcare Optimization

The team worked with their client to develop a pricing strategy and acquire new users in the smaller clinic market as part of a go-to-market strategy.

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Nextnav logo


The team worked with NextNav to identify which features to include in its new app for first responders.

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Logo that reads "Online Local Marketplace"
Organization name omitted by request

Online Local Marketplace

The team worked with their client to improve the customer experience and increase the hire rate of contractors working through the marketplace.

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Pando logo


The team partnered with Pando to convince athletes that joining an income insurance pool will be financially beneficial for them.

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Pie ranch logo
2019 winning project

Pie Ranch

The team helped Pie Ranch improve its current water irrigation system to decrease water loss and optimize and improve the current manual labor required to maintain the irrigation system.

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Rebuilding together peninsula logo

Rebuilding Together Peninsula

The team helped Rebuilding Together Peninsula streamline their operations within the larger legal and regulatory framework in which they operate.

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Rewood City police activities league logo

Redwood City Police Activities League

The team helped PAL develop a tool to help coordinate and manage their grant writing process, which is a major source of income for the organization.

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Rollo logo


The team helped Rollo assess the economic benefit of autonomously driving scooters for a micro-mobility company.

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San Francisco museum of modern art logo

SFMOMA Artists Gallery

The team helped SFMOMA identify existing competition and analyze ways for the SFMOMA Artists Gallery to grow revenue.

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Snowbasin logo


The team helped Snowbasin ski resort improve the operations of its ski trail grooming department.

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Snowflake logo

Snowflake Computing

Snowflake's revenue consistently exceeds their forecasted revenue. The team helped Snowflake address the quality of their forecasting methods and identify a more accurate model.

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Sonos logo


The team worked with Sonos to identify factors that influence customers' willingness and likelihood to repurchase from the company.

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Stanford sports performance logo

Stanford Football Sports Performance

The team helped Stanford Football Sports Performance develop quantitative benchmarking and predictive modeling for accurate assessment of players' future success.

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Winnie logo


The team worked with Winnie to identify the best way to monetize its current freemium childcare search product.

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