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MS&E Senior Projects

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As a culmination of the major, MS&E's senior project course offers students a "learn-by-doing" experience.

First, student teams select and define a problem with a sponsoring organization. They then design, test, analyze, and provide recommendations to the sponsor using their cumulative MS&E education. Finally, students present their engineered solutions for these in-depth, real-world problems.

Senior projects often open a variety of doors for students, including employment opportunities with sponsor organizations.

Students and faculty share their experiences and takeaways from the MS&E senior projects.

Explore senior projects from 2022 below on this page, and find earlier projects using these links:

2022 senior projects: Impact, optimized

four students in front of a yellow wall
The IERH senior project team tied for first place in 2022 | Courtesy Jenna Jung, Alejandra Orozco, Aishwarya Mehta, and Sahej Claire

This year's senior projects saw the return of in-person presentations during March 2022.

Students drew on their course work—including mathematical modeling, systems analysis, organization theory, optimization, probability, statistics, ethics, computer science, and economics—to inform their work on the projects.

Projects for 2022 infused optimization problems, such as how best to take a company public, with a heavy emphasis on social impact, for example defining best practices for a homeless shelter's transition from congregate to non-congregate housing. Sponsor organizations ranged from early-stage startups like Metrus Energy, to established firms like ESPN, to non-profits like 3Strands Global Foundation that serve to impact the community at large. 

Students were mentored by MS&E faculty members along the way, meeting regularly in groups to refine their work leading up to their final presentations. This year's faculty mentors included professors Ramesh Johari, Riitta Katila, Markus Pelger, and James Sweeney.

Videos are included for teams whose sponsor organizations gave permission to share the final presentations. Each project also has a written summary.

Four students pose for a photo outdoors
3Strands Global Foundation

3Strands to fight human trafficking

The team created a dashboard to analyze 3Strands' capacity and capability, develop future goals, and showcase their impact.

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Catalyze SV

Identifying creative solutions for community engagement

The team helped Catalyze SV increase its community engagement and creativity in virtual housing development meetings and workshops.

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Four students pose in front of a glass wall
CRCM Ventures

Market insights & investing: Cybersecurity and timberland

The team identified market trends in cybersecurity and timberland management markets and provided market-specific investment recommendations.

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ESPN SportsCenter

SportsCenter viewer engagement analysis

The team synthesized the current landscape of women’s sports coverage and presented their findings and recommendations to an ESPN SportsCenter producer.

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The FitKids Foundation

Maximizing social impact with

The team determined the most effective way to bring to market by identifying a target market and determining specific sales strategies.

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IERH | 1st place project for 2022 (tie)

Improving accessibility to the reproductive healthcare industry

The team helped increase IERH's outreach and improve their website to help them close the gap in abortion education for medical students and professionals.

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Four students in front of a bright orange wall
Learn to Win

An ROI clients will not regret!

The team highlighted, both quantitatively and qualitatively, the return-on-investment clients receive when partnering with Learn to Win.

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Legacy Sports USA

Workforce optimization at a multi-facility sports recreation center

The team provided Legacy Sports with tools and resources to achieve their workforce optimization and financial staffing goals.

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Portrait photos of four students

Best practices for non-congregate homeless shelters

The team developed a set of best practices for LifeMoves’ transition from congregate to non-congregate housing facilities.

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Three students pose in front of a glass wall

Tracking carbon emission impact of school transportation

The team gathered data about carbon emissions associated with local school commutes and recommended ways to decrease those emissions.

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Portrait photos of four students
Metrus Energy | 1st place project for 2022 (tie)

Analysis of ROI within renewable energy as a service portfolio

The team assessed how decarbonization policy shifts could affect Metrus' business and explored strategies to take advantage of future decarbonization efforts.

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Peninsula Clean Energy

The impact of solar and lithium-ion battery technology

The team quantified the impacts of solar panels and lithium-ion batteries by performing a life-cycle assessment on both technologies.

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The optimal path to go public: An analysis of offer structure, venue, and raising capital

The team developed the most efficient path for Revolut to become a publicly traded company at the highest possible valuation, while also taking into account secondary company goals.

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