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Michael Ohlrogge

Michael Ohlrogge

Ph.D. Student in Management Science and Engineering, admitted Spring 2012


Michael Ohlrogge is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Management Science & Engineering at Stanford University.

Research Area: Finance and Economics and Joint JD Candidate

Michael Ohlrogge produces innovative research at the intersection of law and finance, combining legal analysis with quantitative tools to tackle challenging issues that can only be addressed with a sophisticated, interdisciplinary approach. His research played a significant role in the decision by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to propose that public companies be allowed to comply with Dodd-Frank requirements to disclose median employee compensation by using statistical sampling techniques, reducing by orders of magnitude the compliance costs that firms face due to the new regulations.

Michael is currently studying ways that changes in state-level anti-predatory lending laws during the early and mid 2000s impacted the subprime securitization market. I am also researching ways that stochastic models of corporate bond default risk can be improved by incorporating information about changes in the bankruptcy laws corporations are subject to. Ultimately, his research seeks to build a better understanding of ways that legal changes impact financial markets, with a focus on systemic risk.

His areas of expertise include the following:
- Dodd-Frank
- Estimation of Median Employee Compensation and CEO Pay Ratio
- Statistical Sampling
- Statistical Analysis
- Financial Regulation
- Systemic Risk