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Maria Dimakopoulou

Maria Dimakopoulou

Ph.D. Student in Management Science and Engineering, admitted Summer 2015


Maria Dimakopoulou is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Management Science & Engineering at Stanford University.

Research Area: Machine Learning and Economics
Dissertation Title: Reinforcement Learning Methods for Effective Decision Making in Internet and Technology Platforms

Research Abstract:
Maria Dimakopoulou's research focuses on the development of machine learning methods and their empirical analysis. She is interested in the design of efficient multi-armed bandit and reinforcement learning algorithms that help an agent interacting with a complex, unknown environment to learn over time and make effective decisions. The empirical analysis focuses on how to apply these learning methods to run large-scale online experiments and identify the optimal policies for problems in economics, primarily in online advertising, marketing and internet platforms. She also studies causal inference questions related to machine learning.

Her PhD research is supported by the "Arvanitidis" Stanford Graduate Fellowship in memory of William K. Linvill and by the Onassis Foundation. She is the recipient of the Stanford Management Science and Engineering Outstanding Academic Achievement at the Graduate Level award.