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UDR participants discuss value experienced in the program

Students from MS&E's 2021-22 Undergraduate Diversity in Research (UDR) program cohort share their stories, experiences, and plans for the future.

The MS&E Undergraduate Diversity in Research (UDR) program offers research opportunities to students across Stanford.

UDR participants are paired with an MS&E mentor, who can be a faculty member or PhD student in the department, and work for 10 or more weeks in their mentor's research group. The UDR cohort also meets regularly to build community, share experiences, and provide guidance and support.

As part of the Stanford MS&E: Stories & Voices podcast, we chatted with a handful of students who participated in the UDR program. Hear their stories below.

Bethelehem Engeda (Symbolic Systems major)

Bethelehem worked with MS&E PhD student Carrington Motley on a research project called “Turning Failure Into Fuel” to study factors and traits that enable serial entrepreneurs to improve performance on subsequent ventures after a failed venture. Hear Bethelehem's story

Quinn Smalling (Mathematics major)

Quinn worked with his mentor, MS&E PhD student Josh Grossman, on research in the Stanford Computational Policy Lab in MS&E. Hear Quinn's story

Romuald Thomas (Computer Science major)

Romuald worked with his mentor, MS&E professor Johan Ugander, to study the correlations between demographics and the effects of implementing ranked choice voting. Hear Romuald's story