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PhD alumni receive awards and recognition

MS&E graduates recently won several best paper awards and Emerging Scholar of the Year award. One is now a Fellow of the Academy of Management.

Congratulations to four MS&E PhD alumni!

The scholars below recently received awards and recognition in their fields of expertise. Much of their award-winning work stemmed from their dissertations in MS&E.

Eric Reynolds Brubaker (PhD '22)

Reynolds Brubaker graduated from Stanford's Mechanical Engineering department and was co-advised by MS&E Prof. Pamela Hinds. He is now a Complex Systems Engineer & Design Researcher at NASA Langley Research Center. His paper, Objects of Collaboration: Roles of Objects in Spanning Knowledge Boundaries in a Design Company, was named the Design Theory and Methodology (DTM) best paper of the year 2022 at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) International Design Engineering Technical Conferences (IDETC). The paper is under review at the time of publishing; an early version can be found here.

Hatim Rahman (PhD '19)

Rahman studied in MS&E's Center for Work, Technology & Organization (WTO) and is now an Assistant Professor of Management & Organizations at Northwestern University. He won the best published paper award in the Communication & Technology in Organization (CTO) Division of the Academy of Management (AOM) for 2022. His winning paper, The Invisible Cage: Workers’ Reactivity to Opaque Algorithmic Evaluations, is published in Administrative Science Quarterly.

Henning Piezunka (PhD '14)

Piezunka studied in the Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP) in MS&E and is now an Assistant Professor at INSEAD. He won the Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) Emerging Scholar of the Year Award from the Academy of Management (AOM) for 2022.

Paul Leonardi (PhD '07)

Leonardi studied organizations, technology and entrepreneurship at MS&E and is now Department Chair and Professor of Technology Management at University of California Santa Barbara. He was elected as a Fellow of the Academy of Management.