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MS&E to co-host conference on AI for operations

The on-campus conference is open to the public with limited capacity.

MS&E, will co-host an in-person conference on November 29, 2023 titled "AI for Operations and Operations for AI: Charting the Future." 

The conference is co-hosted by the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) and the Stanford Data Science (SDS) initiative, and will be held at the GSB. The purpose of the conference is to identify promising ideas that support on-the-ground disruption and outstanding challenges for AI researchers seeking to advance the operational needs of businesses and organizations, to explain the state of the art, and to distinguish fantasy from reality. An important goal is to foster meaningful engagement between scholars and practitioners in AI for operations, such as customer service, marketing, sales, logistics, healthcare, workflows, and human resources, and operations for AI, such as risk assessment and governance for the ecosystem of software, hardware, and human-generated content.

MS&E professor Melissa Valentine will be among the expert speakers at the day-long conference, presenting on structuring organizations for AI innovation. Several other MS&E faculty are co-organizing the event with faculty from the GSB and SDS initaitive.

Learn more and register for the conference for free (capacity is limited)