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Meet our new PhD students: Autumn 2021

As the 2021-22 academic year begins, get to know where our incoming PhD students came from and what brings them to MS&E.
Collage of incoming PhD students

Management Science and Engineering is excited to welcome all new students as we begin the new school year!

As they arrived on campus, we had the pleasure of meeting some of our vibrant, diverse and talented 2021 PhD cohort. The students come from specializations in a variety of fields, such as environmental science, bioengineering, data science, cognitive science, computer science engineering, physics, mathematics and more.

Get to know some of our newest PhD students below:


Meet Enrica Archetti

Hometown: Clusane, Brescia, Italy
"I would like to understand better how markets work and make them more accessible."

Get to know Enrica


Meet Adrienne Baer

Hometown: Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania
"My research interest aims to understand what drives successful teaming among parties with differing expertise, disciplines, and viewpoints, particularly when groups that are not often invited to the metaphorical 'table' are included."

Get to know Adrienne 


Meet Eduardo Batista

Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil
"My life-long mission is to create new possibilities to be present in others’ lives—to touch, move, and inspire them to maximize the potential within themselves, their organizations, and the world."

Get to know Eduardo

Meet Paul Dupenloup

Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area, California
"I hope to contribute to knowledge and tools which enable healthcare institutions to do more with their limited resources."

Get to know Paul 

Meet Aldís Elfarsdóttir

Hometown: Palo Alto, California
"My mission is to advance and accelerate the implementation socially perceptive and scientifically rigorous climate solutions at local and global levels."

Get to know Aldís 


Meet Marc Eskew

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri
"My entire career has been focused on leadership and interactions between people and the ability to integrate decision and data science into real world processes which has led me to this program."

Get to know Marc 


Meet Monte Fischer

Hometown: South St. Paul, Minnesota
"In my field, I would like to obtain an original, insightful, and beautiful result that increases our appreciation of some facet of probability. "

Get to know Monte 


Meet Christopher Flowers

Hometown: Columbia, Maryland
"I want to support underrepresented groups interested in entrepreneurship and business ownership."

Get to know Christopher 

Meet Samuel Liu

Hometown: Short Hills, New Jersey
"I work to ensure technological advancements deliver meaningful positive impact to the world. This spans a wide range (e.g. climate change, bioethics, etc.), but at Stanford, this means working to make algorithms that are increasingly part of our lives more fair and more just."

Get to know Samuel 


Meet Shahab Mousavi

Hometown: London, Ontario, Canada & Tehran, Iran
"I hope to pursue a career in which I can both contribute to my field academically and support upcoming academics & entrepreneurs on their own journey to find their unique way to improve the world and support the next generation of students in the field."

Get to know Shahab


Meet Ali Teshnizi

Hometown: Shahrekord, Iran
"The PhD journey is quite unpredictable, but what I have in my mind right now is enabling small businesses to utilize the unprecedented amount of data they are gathering by making novel data analytics tools accessible to them."

More about Ali

Meet Annie (Wanqiao) Xu

Hometown: China
"I hope to develop theoretical frameworks that help data-driven decision-making in healthcare, education, energy, management and more."

Get to know Annie 

Meet Haoran Xu

Hometown: Shenyang, China
"I would like to apply stochastic optimization to the fields that are important to the world. "

Get to know Haoran