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How to Apply to Coterm Program

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Eligibility guidelines

University Requirements
Registrar’s Office Coterm Requirements: University requirements for the coterminal master’s degree.
University Bulletin: University requirements for the master’s degree.

Department Requirements

Degree Level
Applicants to our MS program are expected to have the following:
- Applicant must hold an engineering degree, or a related quantitative degree that includes differential calculus of several variables.

Background Requirements
- Applicants are expected to have completed both a course in multivariable calculus and linear algebra and a course in general programming. Examples include CME 100 Vector Calculus for Engineers, MATH 51 Linear Algebra and Differential Calculus of Several Variables, and CS 106A Programming Methodology.
- Additional course work in general programming, statistics, and economics is preferred.
- Work experience is not necessary to apply.

GPA & Test Scores
Applicants do not need to meet any minimum grade point average (GPA) or GRE score to apply to the Master's program.
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Required application materials

Either upload an unofficial current Stanford transcript (preferred), or request a certified electronic transcript within the online application. Add any college transcripts that include relevant quantitative courses take at other institutions.

Statement of Purpose
Please explain why you are applying to our program, and help us get to know you better. Answer any questions that may arise from your transcript or resume.

Two Letters of Recommendation
Submit two letters of recommendation from Stanford faculty members. You should get your strongest two letters of recommendation, from faculty who know your abilities well. You will enter email addresses for the recommenders, and they will upload these letters to the online application. You may include one additional letter from an employer or another person who knows you well, if you choose. We will continue to accept recommendation letters for two weeks after the deadline.

Please submit a resume or CV.  This is a clean way for us to see all of your information in one place.

Undergraduate Coterminal Application Approval Form
Please submit the Undergraduate Coterminal Application Approval Form (PDF) signed by your undergraduate department.

Official GRE Scores (optional)
If you choose to submit official GRE scores, the GRE must be taken by the application deadline to be included in the review. Please be sure to designate Stanford (4704) as a “Score Recipient,” as we will not receive them if you just send them to your “Undergraduate Institution.” You may also upload your GRE score report in the additional information section of the application.

Preliminary Program Proposal (not required)
We do not want a preliminary program proposal, even though it is listed as required on the Registrar's Office Applying to Coterm page.

Coterm online application

You may view your application status and decision on your application activity page.  Log back into your online application, and click on “Review Your Activity

Decisions will be made early March.   We will review completed early applications in November and December, but in some cases, we will need to review the whole application pool to determine the top applicants.