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Student Spotlights

MS&E students make up a remarkably diverse community, brought together by common research interests and goals. Read more about our students below.


Alton Russell (PhD Candidate)

Within the area of modeling healthcare decision and healthcare policy, Alton's research area focuses on safety in the blood supply.


Averie Collins, BS 2019


"Soccer has taught me so many incredible life skills from teamwork to problem solving, which I think directly applies to my work in MS&E. ."


Melanie Craxton (PhD '18)

"...I became interested in the intersection between behavioral economics and energy policy, inspiring many of the projects I have undertaken during my time at Stanford."

tyreke white

Tyreke White (MS '18)

"Being able to choose between a wide array of courses from accounting to machine learning is one of the hallmarks of this program that I would have missed out on if I'd chosen another program."


Jacqueline Wibowo (MS '18)

"...I knew that I wanted to have social impact mixed with technology in an organization that I would like to found in the future."

Gregory Heon (PhD '18)

"I love the mix of mathematical theory and computer science that is all focused on real-world applications... and Stanford MS&E allowed me to apply them to real problems."

Bryce Marion (BS '18)

"...Embrace the struggle. We come to Stanford because it’s an institution that can push us to a place in which we are uncomfortable-out of our depth. These experiences will come to bear the most fruit once you’ve moved on from this time in life. "


Karly Jerman (MS '18)

"It felt good to do research that was going to be immediately used... and was doubly satisfying because it was already applying my training to solve a problem by using data."


Federica Roth (BS '18)

"I took classes on national security, economics, bioengineering, optimization, and so much more, all within MS&E. There are so many amazing classes here at Stanford, it is important to take advantage of them."

Tania Abedian, MS student

"I tell everyone to take MS&E 293: Technology and National Security"

Jongbin Jung, PhD candidate '18


"Helping people make challenging and important decisions is the most fulfilling goal for me. I’m also excited about making sense of complicated systems and finding insights from large amounts of data."

Allison Pitt, M.S. '10, PhD candidate '17


"I know that my experience here is equipping me with the skills and perspective I'll need to make an impact."