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Benefits and Fees

Program benefits

 The following benefits are available to Industry Affiliates members.

Regular member benefits

Faculty access

  • Designated faculty liaison
  • Private meeting with company representatives upon request
  • Company site visit negotiable upon request

Student access

  • Personal introductions to excellent students
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Opportunity to interact with and propose projects for students to work on as class assignments

Recruiting access

  • Room space for information sessions and interviews
  • Proactive promotion of your recruiting efforts to MS&E students
  • Informal introductions to individual students
  • Participation in a selected Stanford job fair
  • Access to student resumes
  • Facilitated relationship with Stanford’s Career Education BEAM: Bridging Education, Ambition & Meaningful Work program
  • Job posting/company profile on our web-based Career Network

Department access 

  • Engage in an informal exchange of ideas on new and ongoing research with university researchers
  • Invitations to selected department events and workshops
  • Directory of current faculty/student research projects​

School of Engineering access

  • Access to School of Engineering library

Visibility, branding and thought leadership exchanges

  • Listed on MS&E Affiliates website
  • Invitations to selected Stanford seminars and colloquia on the latest field research
  • Opportunity to give presentations of interest to MS&E faculty and students regarding industry developments and your company’s research and practices
  • Informal thought leadership exchanges and events

Membership enhancement benefits

Visiting Scholar:

  • Audit classes with instructor approval
  • On-site shared workspace, secure Internet connection
  • Access to university library and recreation facilities
  • Invitations to selected department events
  • (Candidate must be approved by department)

Opportunities to explore research relationships and projects of mutual interest.

Program fees


Visiting Scholar*
500+ employees
<500 employees
Additional $12,500 per
academic quarter per person
*Companies must submit individual candidates for department approval;
PhD preferred


In addition to a regular affiliate relationship, there are other membership enhancement options:

Visiting Scholar— As a member company, you can apply to send a top employee (qualified candidate) to become immersed in Stanford culture and student life. This person can interact with faculty and students for educational advancement and professional development; audit classes; and receive access to on-site work space, amenities and special events. Visitors share real-world problems and solutions to mutually benefit industry and scholars. Being in our academic environment on campus and the Silicon Valley greatly adds to visiting experience.

Opportunities to explore research relationships and projects of mutual interest
Affiliate members may wish to provide additional funds above the annual fees to be used for MS&E Affiliates Program research conducted by a participating faculty member or for a particular area of research under the MS&E Affiliates Program.  The faculty director of the program will determine how the additional funding is to be used in the MS&E Affiliates Program.
All research results arising from the use of the additional funding will be shared with all of the Affiliates Program members and the general public.