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Spotlight Profiles

MS&E faculty, students, and alumni strive to help make the world a better place. These profiles provide a glimpse into the professional and personal lives of our MS&E community.

Sharad Goel, Assistant Professor of MS&E

Computational Social Science

“I want to go beyond understanding how systems function; I want to act on those insights to design better systems. To me, that’s what engineering is all about.”


Jose Blanchet, Associate Professor,  PhD '04

Management Science & Engineering

"I started to re-adjust and research things that I thought would be exciting and appropriate for the Stanford environment and the valley. This is for me, in many ways, like being born again in terms of the types of research that I’m pursuing."

Daniel Lopez, M.S. '09

Management Science & Engineering

"#IAmAnEngineer, and I want to be fearless in being the best person that I can be, and providing the best quality information to people that enable us to make better decisions."

Clarissa Wong, M.S. '13

Management Science & Engineering

"#IAmAnEngineer. To me, engineering is about translating great ideas and designs into real deliverable physical goods that can improve people’s lives."

Tony Martinez, B.S. '86

industrial science/Management Science & Engineering

"#IAmAnEngineer who believes that the engineers who remember the people they are designing for, and the people on their team, develop better products."

Joyce Dickerson, B.S. '86, MBA '90

Industrial Science/Management Science & Engineering

"#IAmAnEngineer and I believe engineering is all about innovation. It’s ‘what if’ anything."

Billy Hwan, B.S. '01

Industrial science/Management Science & Engineering

"#IAmAnEngineer. Studying engineering taught me to be structured in my thought, to be disciplined, and to look for alternative solutions to existing problems."

Laura Marino, M.S. '98

Management Science & Engineering

"#IAmAnEngineer, and I believe engineering gives you the foundation to pursue your passion and add value to the world on any path you choose."

Linda Esquivel, Career & Affiliate Services Officer


"I help students find the right fit and connect great students to great alumni and potential employers.”

Allison Pitt, M.S. '10, PhD Candidate '17

Policy and Strategy in Healthcare

"I know that my experience here is equipping me with the skills and perspective I'll need to make an impact."

Aaron Sidford, Assistant Professor of MS&E

Optimization theory and algorithms

Welcome new faculty member, Aaron Sidford! We are excited to have you join the Management Science & Engineering faculty starting Fall 2016.