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Mentoring programs: the next best way to support young entrepreneurs

“If we limit ourselves to people whose parents were entrepreneurs, we can’t expand the pool of entrepreneurs very much. If we want people from low-income families and minority families to start their own businesses, we need to open things up and broaden the pool of potential role models.”

Parents undoubtedly play a vital role in developing a student's willingness to create their own businesses.

According to MS&E Professor Chuck Eesley, however, the next best way to promote entrepreneurship? Mentoring programs.

With Yanbo Wang of the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business in Beijing, Eesley co-authored a four-year, randomized trial study tracking career paths of students who took Eesley's class on entrepeneurship. About 37% of the students who had entrepreneur-mentors went on to start or join new companies.


Photo Source:  | Chuck Eesley


Friday, March 17, 2017