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Melissa Valentine: Re-Inventing the Way We Work

"The Future of Work"

MS&E Professor Valentine is part of a team that is advancing both the theory and the practice of complex work in the “gig” economy.

Professor Valentine teamed up with Stanford computer scientist Michael Bernstein and PhD student Daniela Retelny to create a computerized system called Foundry to recruit and manage flash teams. They created Foundry as a research tool to study flash teams in practice, but it has been used by companies to develop smartphone apps, a computer game, online courses, and video animations.

Foundry taps into a global pool of about 2 million on-demand professionals offered by Upwork. But where Upwork typically supplies workers for small individual assignments, the Stanford system organizes multiple teams of experts to carry out complex tasks and to hand off work between each other as the project progresses. Everybody who participates can see the timeline of the whole project, so each team understands its own responsibility and can interact with the others.


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Tuesday, June 28, 2016