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Elisabeth Paté-Cornell writes new book "Perspectives on Complex Global Challenges"

In her new book Perspectives on Complex Global Challenges, MS&E Professor Elisabeth Paté-Cornell, along with two other scholars, collected more than 25 essays from thought leaders discussing the nation's greatest challenges. 

The book is comprised of five sections of approximately five essays each - Education, Energy, Health Care, Security, and Resilience - and deliberately offers different opinions on each topic.

"Virtually all the contributors expressed deep concern about the present election cycle and the extreme rhetoric that has been expressed in some quarters," she said. "The next president needs to know all sides of each issue, and that's what we tried to present here. Reason must prevail if we're going to get anywhere. But reason implies that people talk to, not past each other."

Read more about Perspectives on Complex Global Challenges.

Professor Elisabeth Paté-Cornell is a Professor in MS&E and former Chair of Management Science and Engineering Department. Dr. Paté-Cornell is a world leader in engineering risk analysis and management, and more generally, the use of Bayesian probability to process incomplete information. Read more about her on Wikipedia.

Photo Source:  |  Elisabeth Pate-Cornell

Friday, October 21, 2016