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2017 SIGF fellows: Anneke Claypool and Michael Fairley

Anneke Claypool and Michael Fairley awarded Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship


Anneke Claypool and Michael Fairley have been selected as 2017 Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellows (SIGF).  The fellowship, awarded yearly since 2008, honors outstanding doctoral students engaged in interdisciplinary research.  The SIGF supports Stanford doctoral students in undertaking novel, cutting-edge research and pursuing questions that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Anneke and Michael are PhD Students in the department of Management Science and Engineering doing research in Health Policy Modeling studying under Doctoral Advisor, Professor Margaret Brandeau.

Congratulations to Anneke and Michael for this outstanding achievement!


About Anneke's research

Anneke's work is focused on developing models to analyze and evaluate health policies. Health interventions often result in positive externalities that are not captured in traditional cost-effectiveness analysis. Her current research uses a dynamic transmission model to analyze the cost-effectiveness of chikungunya virus prevention measures. She compares a potential chikungunya vaccine to vector control methods that result in fewer chikungunya, zika, and dengue cases. By using this model, the additional health benefits of interventions that impact multiple diseases can be captured.

About Michael's research

Opioid dependence has become a national public health crisis. Veterans are particularly affected. The Veterans Affairs Health System (VA) must prioritize interventions under increasing budgetary constraints. Michael will develop a mathematical decision model to help the VA determine a portfolio of interventions to invest in that will maximize health and economic benefits. The proposed work requires knowledge not only from engineering, but also knowledge of medical, behavioral, and economic factors relevant to opioid dependence. Michael will create new methodology for quantitatively modeling economic and behavioral implications of policy.

2017 VPGE's SIGF Announcement

Monday, June 5, 2017