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How to Declare

Open letter to prospective students:

We are pleased that you are considering majoring in Management Science and Engineering. We believe our undergraduate curriculum is composed of a rigorous, interesting and coherent set of courses; the training provided in these courses and in the balance of the undergraduate engineering program at Stanford provides a strong background for a variety of career alternatives, as well as professional and graduate study, especially in engineering.

The faculty of the Department of Management Science and Engineering urge you to consider carefully the mission of the department (see the Bulletin) and the nature of the courses that comprise the major. Substantial math, statistics and operations research courses are required in the program.

We are eager to help in the process of matching you to the major that is most appropriate to your interests and abilities. Therefore, before processing your paperwork as a "declared MS&E major," we would like to provide you with some counseling. To assist us in this counseling, please:

  1. Complete the bscounseling (pdf) form.
  2. Go into Axess and declare MS&E as your major. Your declaration will be routed to Lori Cottle, student services officer, for approval. Online approval will be given after steps 1-5 are completed.
  3. Meet with Lori Cottle in the Huang Engineering Center, Suite 114, for a tentative advisor assignment, or choose an advisor from the list of available advisors, below.
  4. Take the counseling form and an unofficial copy of your transcript or Axess grade printout to your assigned faculty advisor for a declaration advising session.
  5. Bring the completed, signed form to Lori Cottle in the Huang Engineering Center, Suite 114, who will then approve your online declaration. You will be sent an automatic email from the system after final approval has been given.


Nick Bambos, Professor and Chair Department of Management Science and Engineering

Available Undergraduate Faculty Advisors as of June 2016

  • Itai Ashlagi, iashlagi@, Huang 262
  • Nick Bambos, bambos@, Huang 345
  • Margaret Brandeau, brandeau@, Huang 262A
  • Tom Byers, tbyers@, Huang 326
  • Sam Chiu, samchiu@, Huang 259
  • Chuck Eesley, cee@, Huang 355
  • Kathy Eisenhardt, kme@, Huang 324
  • Kay Giesecke, giesecke@, Huang 307
  • Peter Glynn, glynn@, Huang 359A
  • Sharad Goel, scgoel@, Huang 356
  • Pamela Hinds, phinds@, Huang 207
  • Ron Howard, rhoward@, Huang 325
  • Ramesh Johari, rjohari@, Huang 311
  • Riitta Katila, rkatila@, Huang 335
  • Robert McGinn, mcginn@, Huang 206
  • Elisabeth Pate-Cornell, mep@, Huang 336
  • Markus Pelger, mpelger@, Huang 312
  • Amin Saberi, saberi@, Huang 309
  • Ross Shachter, shachter@, Huang 337
  • Jim Sweeney, jim.sweeney@, Y2E2 389
  • Edison Tse, etse@, Huang 261
  • Johan Ugander, jugander@, Huang 357
  • Melissa Valentine, mav@, Huang 210
  • Ben Van Roy, bvr@, Packard 274
  • Yinyu Ye, yyye@, Huang 308